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Seeing is believing

A comprehensive eye examination is a test of your vision & the health of your eyes.

We recommend an eye examination every 2 years; however this will be advised by your Optometrist as some people are recommended to have a test more frequently.

comprehensive eye Examination

It is important to have your vision tested to obtain a record of how well you see, but it is equally important to check the health of your eyes.

Many diseases of the eye are ‘silent’—meaning that they do not produce symptoms, or when they do get to a stage where they produce symptoms it can sometimes be too late. Retinal health can also tell us a lot about your general health.

For those who have diabetes, high blood pressure or thyroid problems to name a few, and that have gone undetected, an eye examination can show changes to blood vessels that these conditions can cause that can be seen on the retina. Those people who suffer with these conditions are also at a greater risk of developing certain eye conditions.Visual fields


Visual Fields 

Sometime we will recommend an additional examination of your peripheral vision called a Visual Fields exam.

The Optometrist will explain the reasoning for the extra test but some common reasons why a Visual Field exam may be required are:

  • Family history of Glaucoma
  • Suspected Glaucoma
  • Unexplained headaches
  • Renewal or application of a Driving License and other reasons at the discretion of the Optometrist

Kids’ Vision Examination

Because children learn mostly with their eyes, having an eye examintaion from a young age will ensure clear and comfortable vision for your child to learn successfully.

Reading, writing, whiteboards and computers are all hard work if you can not see clearly. Short-sightedness is common in children, especially when it is in their family history. If your child has poor vision this may cause them to fall behind in class at school and perform poorly.

Sometimes your child may seem to see well but in actual fact the whiteboard at school, for example, may not look clear. Your child may not even think to complain as the board has always looked that way, they see it as ‘normal’.

Another reason to test a child’s eye is that 1 eye may be seeing better than the other. If this is happening and it is left untreated then it can lead to a lazy eye, known as Amblyopia.

There are a number of signs and/or symptoms that your child may have if they are struggling with their vision; these are listed below:

  • Loses their place whilst reading
  • Avoids close work
  • Holds reading material closer than normal
  • Tends to rub their eyes a lot
  • Has headaches
  • Turns or tilts head to use one eye only
  • Uses finger to maintain place when reading
  • Performs below potential at school

Driver’s License Assessment

In order to obtain and maintain a driver’s licence, visual requirements need to be met. Periodic re-assessment is required when your driving licence needs renewal.

At Total Vision, we can provide you with the official LTNZ ‘Eyesight Certificate for Driver’s Licence’ DL12 form that certifies your vision meets the legal standard. This can save you the frustration and time of queuing at the testing centre for the eyesight component of sitting or renewing your licence.

We also offer options that can enhance vision at night—such as anti-reflection coatings—and provide filters & sunglass lenses that enhance vision & protect against UV during the day.

See what our clients are saying about us

Total Vision exceeded my expectations for both the eye exam and more importantly the selection of frames. The brief was simple: “I want some styley glasses”. Their assistance, knowledge and friendly manner made the whole experience very enjoyable, and I left knowing that I’d got the best advice, service (and styliest frames) available.

Yvonne Milroy, Hamilton

I had a problem with contact lenses due to snow blindness. Total Vision examined my eyes and suggested options for me I never knew existed. Now I am back to wearing my lenses almost daily. Thanks Total Vision for giving me this comfort back. It took me no time to be convinced that Total Vision was my one-stop shop for all eye services and products.

Claudia Hill, Hamilton

I came because I was cleaning my glasses every half an hour and it was driving me insane! After the IPL treatment, my eyes feel much more comfortable, and no more splatters on my glasses. This treatment has been well worth it.

Sharon B, Hamilton

Now, after the dry eye treatment, my eyes are much, much, much improved to what they were. They still water a bit on cold days but nowhere near as bad. They were even good on the long haul flight to Spain! I highly recommend IPL to anyone suffering from dry eyes.

Shirley B, Hamilton

My eyes feel really good now. I’m back to wearing my contacts every day and I can wear them all day – I only just remembered to take them out last night they were that comfortable!

Clare R, Hamilton