“I’ve been very happy with the IPL dry eye treatment, I haven’t had any problems with my eyes in the last three years.  My eyes feel great!”

Warren S, Hamilton


“My eyes feel really good now.  I’m back to wearing my contacts every day and I can wear them all day – I only just remembered to take them out last night they were that comfortable!”

Clare R, Hamilton


“As a health professional I was very sceptical about the dry eye treatment and wasn’t going to even consider it, but after being educated on the potential implications for eye health I took a leap of faith! Initially, the results were not glaringly obvious, however, at my final visit, I became aware of a noticeable improvement in the unrecognised discomfort I’d had. Through this experience, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this treatment if you have uncomfortable, irritated eyes.”

Liz G, Hamilton


“When I first came in my eyes were on fire! For a long time I thought I had sensitive eyes, now they are fantastic – no more dryness or burning, even when I’m working long hours. Thanks!”

Kathryn C, Hamilton


“I realised I had dry eyes, but until I went to Kent and his team in Hamilton East no one had offered me a solution. I was impressed with the total comprehensive care that I was given. After four months of IPL treatment my eyes feel incredible; gone is that sandpaper feeling and red-eyed look. All good things take time, and this has been well worth the effort. I wish to recommend Kent & his team at Visique Total Vision wholeheartedly. I have felt comfortable, at ease, and welcomed like a good friend right from the start.”

Dena L, Hamilton


“My first experience of the IPL treatment was of immense satisfaction. My eyes are feeling the best they have in ages – there’s been a big change from when we first started. I haven’t experienced any discomfort or tiredness, despite working harder in the last few months. The fact that you’re not conscious of any discomfort makes you feel better in general.”

Peter G, Hamilton


“Since starting the IPL treatment my eyes feel a lot better. They don’t get so sore now so something must be working! As a long-haul truck driver, my eyes are a lot more comfortable and feel clearer. They were really sore and itchy – now I get none of that. Lots of people have commented on how good my eyes look – my wife, my parents, even my boss!”

Basil Lambert, Tirau


“Now, after the dry eye treatment, my eyes are much, much, much improved to what they were. They still water a bit on cold days but nowhere near as bad. They were even good on the long haul flight to Spain! I highly recommend IPL to anyone suffering from dry eyes.”

Shirley B, Hamilton


“Before the dry eye treatment I didn’t want to wake up in the morning, I couldn’t stand the light, but now I can open my eyes – no more collisions with my husband! I thought painful eyes were a part of getting older and I would just have to put up with it. Now I know my dry eyes can be treated. Even from the first treatment, my eyes felt better – now I only get the occasional irritation. It’s made a huge difference – I don’t complain about my eyes now, I can keep doing the things I enjoy, like reading, for longer without needing to shut my eyes.”

Eileen W, Hamilton


“Thank you for the service I received last year when I came to Grey Street for my replacement glasses. My new glasses are excellent and I love them. Not just the frames, but also the lenses which are the nearest to perfect that I’ve ever had. Your team were friendly and helpful and made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I will definitely come back to Visique on Grey Street when I need glasses again.
Kind regards,”

Marie Osborn, Whitianga


“I brought my 6-year-old daughter in to see Kent as some of the teachers at school had noticed that she was getting her words muddled. At first, they thought she had dyslexia but luckily they asked me to get her tested for Irlen syndrome. I came across Total Vision who knew exactly what I was talking about. We went to see Kent who explained everything. He asked questions that related to her so well it was like he’d known her forever! Things like tiredness, restlessness, coordination and gross motor skill problems. It was actually a relief to find a reason for all my daughter’s little ‘quirks’. The process from there was really easy and now my daughter literally sees the world through beautiful rose-coloured glasses! She no longer mixes up ‘on’ and ‘no’ and her reading level has gone up considerably since getting her glasses.”

Kathryn Grinter


“Visique exceeded my expectations for both the eye exam and more importantly the selection of frames. The brief was simple: “I want some styley glasses”. Their assistance, knowledge and friendly manner made the whole experience very enjoyable, and I left knowing that I’d got the best advice, service (and styliest frames) available.”

Yvonne Milroy, Hamilton


“I got to know the Visique Total Vision team when I was looking for new contact lenses. I had a problem with contact lenses at that point due to snow blindness. Total Vision examined my eyes and suggested options for me I never knew existed. Now I am back to wearing my lenses almost daily. Thanks Total Vision for giving me this comfort back. It took me no time to be convinced that Total Vision was my one-stop shop for all eye services and products.”

Claudia Hill, Hamilton


“Hi, my name is Taniko Shane and I am 8 years old. Last year I went to see Kent at Total Vision to get my eyes checked because my reading wasn’t that good and I was rubbing my eyes a lot because they hurt. I always wanted to use my fingers to follow the words when I was reading. Kent made me some glasses to help me and now instead of being behind in my class for reading, I am now reading ahead of my age. My eyes don’t hurt anymore and now I enjoy reading books. Thank you, Kent!”

Taniko S, Hamilton