Contact lenses are another option for people that need vision correction to see clearly.


Why choose contact lenses?

They can allow more freedom for work and social and leisure activities including sport. Most contact lens wearers like to have the option of both contact lenses and glasses, depending on their activity for the day.

Contact lenses, unlike glasses, will provide you with the full peripheral vision. They also do not fog up with a change in temperature and are unaffected in the rain. For sports they are more convenient as sometimes the frame of the glasses can get in the way and maybe damaged if playing a contact sport.


What type of contact lens is most suitable for me?

Your Optometrist will advise you of the best type after they have examined your eyes.

For a brief rundown, there are 2 types of lenses: Hard and Soft contact lenses.
Most people these days wear Soft contact lenses.

There are different modes of wearing:

  • Daily – where the lens is worn for one day and then thrown away
  • Monthly – 1 pair of lenses worn and cleaned daily and replaced after 1 month
  • Extended wear – 1 pair of lenses worn day and night for 30 days and then thrown away. These lenses are made from a material called Silicone Hydrogel which means they are more breathable. It is this property of the contact lenses that allows people to wear them for 30 days and nights.

Are they comfortable?

Contact lenses do take a bit of getting used to, but most people find the adjustment takes between a day and two weeks. The material they are made out of consists mainly of water and are thin so after the initial period of adjustment, you won’t realise that you are wearing them.

What if I don’t like touching my eye?

This is a normal reaction. Our Optometrist will show you the correct method of putting them in and taking them out. It does take a bit of practice but unless you are 100% comfortable with the process we won’t let you take them away. After a while it will be a natural, everyday thing.

Can the lens get stuck behind my eye?

No. The eyelids are sealed to your eyeballs and control the orientation of the contact lens during each blink.

Do I still need glasses?

It is advisable to have a pair of glasses as well. If wearing contact lenses all day you might like to take them out when you get home, in which case having a pair of glasses to wear helps! There may be days where you don’t want to wear the contact lenses and wear glasses instead.

If you happen to get an infection in your eye either due to the contact lenses or suffer from bad hayfever, then it is recommended NOT to wear contact lenses at all whilst we are waiting for the infection to clear: glasses are very important at this stage.

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