Your eye examination is a comprehensive test of your vision & the health of your eyes.


Whilst it is important to have your vision tested to obtain a record of how well you see, it is equally important to check the health of the eyes. Many diseases of the eye are ‘silent’ – meaning that they do not produce symptoms, or when they do get to a stage where they produce symptoms it can sometimes be too late to help the sight. The retinal health can also tell us alot about your general health.

For those people who have diabetes or blood pressure that is undetected, the change to the blood vessels that these conditions can cause can be seen on the retina. Those people who suffer with diabetes, blood pressure and thyroid problems, to name a few, are at a greater risk of developing certain eye conditions.

We recommend a sight test every 2 years; however some people are recommended to have a sight test more frequently dependant on the Optometrist discretion.

Visual fields

There is occasion when an additional examination of your peripheral vision is needed. The Optometrist will explain the reasoning for the extra test but some common reasons why a Visual Field exam may be required are:

  • Family history of Glaucoma
  • Suspected Glaucoma in someone who currently does not have Glaucoma
  • Unexplained headaches
  • Renewal or application of a Driving License
  • and other reasons at the discretion of the Optometrist.


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