Contact Lens Assessment


How do I get contact lenses?

You will need to see our Optometrist who will test your eyes to get an up-to-date prescription, as well look at the health of the eyes and ensure they are suitable for contact lenses. The Optometrist will discuss with you what your needs and wants are out of the contact lenses.

You will have some trial lenses put in your eyes and be taught the correct method of insertion and removal of the lenses. After wearing your contact lenses for 2 weeks, you will be asked to return for a follow up appointment to examine the eyes and discuss any concerns you may have.


How often do I need to come back if I wear contact lenses?

You must have a check up for your contact lenses every year. This is the minimum length of time, some people may be asked to come back more frequently depending on the circumstances.

This is to ensure the eyes remain healthy. When wearing contact lenses, small changes can occur to the front surface of the eye (known as the cornea) which indicate a possibility of a change in the type of lens you are wearing or the length of time you are wearing your lenses.


Is it important to change the contact lenses even if they feel healthy?

Yes. The object of replacing your old contact lenses with a new pair is to maintain the health of the eye. Filmy deposits and small splits are not always visible and bacteria can attach themselves to these imperfections and cause serious problems. Filmy deposits also reduce the flow of oxygen through the lens to the eye which causes problematic changed to the cornea.



Contact us on 07 856 2611 or to arrange an appointment to see our Optometrist about contact lenses.