Enable Subsidy

With children the critical visual development period is up to 8 years of age. During this time the eyes are continually changing. It is never too early to have your child’s eyes examined.

Concern that children’s eyesight may be at risk because parents cannot afford a visit to the optometrist resulted in the introduction of the Health Funding Authority vision care subsidy of $281.25 per year for children 15 years and younger.

To be eligible for the subsidy children must be:
15 years old or younger
their family must hold a valid Community Services Card
or the child must have a High Health Use Card
and the child must have undergone an eye examination with an optometrist or ophthalmologist.
The subsidy level is to a maximum of $281.25 (incl GST) per year. A further $50 (incl GST) is available for children that require an adult size frame.

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